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    Fabulous gifts from American craftsmen

    Ready to take your gift-giving to the next level? Meet the creators featured in “American Crafted Gifts and Goods” Some of them sheer sheep. Others raise pigs. Some create candles and jewelry. Others create gourmet meals. On and on it goes. They all come together in the American Crafted Gifts and Goods catalog—92 pages worth of unique and thoughtful gifts, all created right here, in the heart of America. The catalog is the brainchild of my wonderful friend Niki and a few of her friends and comes just in time for the holiday season. Give it a look. You’ll be amazed at some of the offerings—and dare I say grateful…

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    The Old Folks’ Home

    Several years ago, I wrote a column about living my best life, where I shared my grand plans and visions for the future. I’d move back to south Florida, purchase a condo in a swanky little 55-and-over community, drink cocktails by the pool every Friday afternoon and whistle at the Cabana boy as he walked by. (Or something like that.) I’d yell at the young folks who were visiting their grandparents as they traipsed through the property. “Get off our sand!” I’d lead Zumba or Walk-at-Home classes for the other residents every Tuesday and Thursday morning. I’d offer writing workshops once a month. And I’d sashay off to afternoon tea…