Claire Stewart is actually my alter-ego, er, pseudonym. 😉 My real name is Beth Underwood, and I’m an award-winning author, alphabet juggler, and executive bourbon steward whose work has appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines, and books. But enough about that. Let’s talk a little about how — and why — I started writing fiction.

It all started after I took a deep dive into the phenomenon that is Kentucky bourbon. I spent countless hours at distilleries, attended Moonshine University, and drank plenty of bourbon, which resulted first in two nonfiction books. I knew there was more to explore, though. And as if by fate, Copper Saddle Distillery Mysteries, my first fictional series, was born in 2020 (proof that at least one good thing came along in 2020. (Make that TWO good things. It’s also when my second grandchild was born.🥰 )

Look at these two precious babies! That’s Squishy, the big sister on the left, and baby Luigi on the right. (not their real names, so there’s no need to send me any hate mail, hahaha).

Anywho, back to the fiction. Set in the fictional town of Hogshead, Ky, the series features zany, lovable characters who work their way straight into your heart! It’s a small town setting with plenty of southern charm and sass, that produces plenty of happy endings. Oh — and there are no murders! Just fun, easy-reading mysteries that help wash away the troubles of life, even if only temporarily.

The series includes Inherit the Gin and Fruitcake Fiasco, with book three, Bourbon Daze planned for late fall 2021.

The world of fiction has been a blast! So much so that I have several other series ideas in the works. Stay tuned!

If you’d like to check out my narrative nonfiction, written under Beth Underwood, click here.

Other details:

  • THE DEETS SHEET (aka me in a nutshell… or is that nuthouse?!?)
  • South Florida resident.
  • Mom to three kids—the youngest is a sophomore in college.
  • Grandmother to two.
  • Dog owner (Stryker, the German Shepherd wanna-be)
  • Bourbon drinker, neat, or with a little club soda in the summer.
  • Back in the early 80s, I wrote house descriptions for a realty company (loved it).
  • Also worked in architecture for over a decade.
  • Switched to journalism in the early 90s.
  • Favorite interview: Orleans, the band. (Oh, come on! Surely you remember them! I’m not that old!😂 )
  • I love putting together music playlists! Seriously! Click here for the “soundtrack” to Inherit, and click here for Fiasco!
  • Three-year goal: host a cozy mystery vacation on a 70s music cruise. It could happen, ya know. And you aren’t going to want to miss it!