This is where it all began, back in 1993, when I left the world of architecture and earned my degree in journalism. Since then, the bulk of my work has been in the world of narrative nonfiction, and appears under the pen name, Beth Underwood.

In addition to many years as a newspaper journalist, my work has appeared in numerous magazines—Coastal Boating, Military Officer, Military History, Dale Hollow Lake Explorer among them. In 2015, my first nonfiction book was published. You may be wondering, then. Why the pen names? It’s a lot simpler to separate nonfiction from fiction and genre from genre when using multiple names. Of course it also brings up its own set of complications, evidenced by the fact that I’m having to explain myself as we speak 😉 But I digress.

My narrative nonfiction runs an intriguing gamut, from heart-wrenching stories of war to the world of bourbon whiskey to parodies on everyday living. Like my fiction writing, I hope you find it often inspiring, occasionally irreverent, and always entertaining.

Most recently I decided to write under my real name, Beth Cotter, where I’ll be sharing stories that center on my Catholic faith. As this new chapter unfolds, I suspect it will blend both fiction and nonfiction. It’s going to be an exciting ride. I hope you’ll join me.

“Establish the work of our Hands” Psalm 90:17

Sometimes life feels like the theatre of the absurd. Take a sideways look at the ordinary, and let hope and laughter bubble up to the surface.

Long-time journalist Beth Underwood always loved human-interest stories much more than hard news. So she plied her pen toward the little things that bring people together, allowing readers to disconnect from social media overload and chuckle at common eccentricities. And with fun anecdotes spotlighting everything from the power of llama spit to the terrors of public restrooms, her bright-eyed perspectives turn familiar frustrations into belly laughs.

An award-winning author with over a decade of experience, Underwood excels in nurturing connections and exploring the joy of helping others smile. And her keen eye never fails to spirit you away to effervescent adventures found in the mundane such as Epsom salt baths, magic crayons, and plastic pumpkin raids.

Be vigilant, because before you know it, you’ll be snorting your morning coffee over workday headaches that become poignant epiphanies…

A Bad Case of Carbonation: Parodies on Everyday Living is an enchanting essay collection of the nostalgic and the modern. If you like true-life musings, wacky takes on society, and decompressing from the daily grind, then you’ll adore Beth Underwood’s clever reflections.

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For more than a hundred years, bourbon whiskey has been a topic of conversation and controversy from Capitol Hill to Hollywood. There are rules for making it, standards for drinking it, and stories behind every bottle.

So what is it that makes America’s native spirit so special? Talk Bourbon to Me takes a look at these questions and more, offering readers a bird’s eye view inside the bourbon culture. This one-of-a-kind guide combines how-to’s for the age-old process of distilling as it was done in 1808 with twenty-first century insight and humor.

A crash course on the art of distilling, the modern phenomena of bourbon, and a sampling of recipes that highlight Kentucky’s favorite spirit, Talk Bourbon to Me is a must-have for any bourbon lover’s collection.

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The second book in the series, Talk Bourbon to Me 2 explores the essential elements of bourbon hospitality, from the industry’s first visionaries in the 1800s to today’s distillery owners and distillers, visitor guides and ambassadors.
* Meet the man widely regarded as the father of bourbon tourism— discover who he was, what he accomplished, and how his influence continues to shape the bourbon world more than a century later.
* Learn how, and where, both bourbon distillers and enthusiasts gain a distilled spirits education.
* Take an in-depth look at the vital role oak, yeast, and bacteria play in bourbon distillation.
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One weekend a month and two weeks each summer.

For as long as any of them could remember, that was all it took for this small group of Tennessee National Guardsmen to serve their country from the comforts of home.

But in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the active Army was spread too thin—and Uncle Sam called them into the game, transforming neighbors, co-workers and childhood friends into brothers in arms.

Deployed to one of the most hostile regions in Iraq to fight a faceless enemy, their most important mission was to make it home alive—until one day in August changed everything.

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